Art Hotel Ahlen
Warendorfer Straße 26 
59227 Ahlen

Tel.: 02382 70650
E-mail: info@art-hotel-ahlen.de



Business Dinner

We have reworked the kitchen concept. In the future there will be a small card for our hotel guests. From Monday to Thursday between 6 pm and 9 pm defined as business dinner. Enjoy selected dishes with appetizer, several main dishes also for calorie-conscious and vegetarian, dessert and a wine menu.

Shuttle to the Chagall restaurant in Ahlen

Who would like to enjoy more of the “Lukullischem” can use the shuttle service to the restaurant Chagall. The Chagall has the same owner as the Art-Hotel and is known for its excellent cuisine.

Extensive breakfast buffet - cake from the the confectioner

Our hotel guests can enjoy the extensive breakfast buffet in the morning, which offers all classics as well as Westphalian specialties. Daily and at any time they get cake specialties from the confectioner. An unconditional recommendation of our house.

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