Art Hotel Ahlen
Warendorfer Straße 26 
59227 Ahlen

Tel.: 02382 70650
E-mail: info@art-hotel-ahlen.de



Our Art Hotel - newly renovated

We have used the winter break and completely renovated the hotel. We did not miss anything: New wall painting, all iron constructions reworked, rooms and bathrooms reinterpreted in detail, furniture refreshed, entire domestic and kitchen technology modernized and the concept for the kitchen repositioned.

Ambience with feel-good character

Our architecturally modern building is characterized by straightforwardness, sobriety coupled with warm wood and floor-design. The unconditional goal is to create an atmosphere of tranquility for your tourist- as well as your business stay. With the renovation, we have taken care that there are more quiet zones and that the noise is better dammed-up.

For a quiet, relaxing but also successful stay.

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