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Leisure & culture in Ahlen and the district of Warendorf

Ahlen is a city with many faces. In fact, Ahlen has everything that makes a medium-sized city attractive and livable. The pedestrian zone with its extensive shopping facilities as well as a wide range of cultural and leisure activities will surprise the visitor.

Highlight Kunstmuseum and Stadthalle Ahlen

With the Ahlen Art Museum, the Wersestadt has a well-known and appreciated institution. The Fritz Winterhaus is not only known to art connoisseurs. Ahlen is building up in the leisure area with a very active sports scene. The ASG Ahlen belongs to the largest handball team in Germany and also the professional football club Rot-Weiss Ahlen is known throughout Germany.

Varied gastronomy

The cozy old town around the market square has a lively gastronomic scene with sophisticated restaurants, stylish restaurants and "pubs around the corner". Events during the "Ahlener Sommer", the town festival, the year-round events in the Stadthalle have to be seen.

If you don’t want to spend your holiday and leisure time only in Ahlen, you will also find numerous opportunities to discover facilities, nature, culture and history in the surrounding area. In addition to the recommended cycling trips to the countryside, many local attractions can be visited in nearby communities. A selection of leisure tips in the district of Warendorf can be found in the table below

Museum der historischen Waschtechnik  48346 Ostbevern
Schloss Loburg 48346 Ostbevern
Wallfahrtskapelle 48291 Telgte
RELIGIO - westf. Museum für religiöse Kultur 48291 Telgte
Haus Brückhausen 48351 Everswinkel
Up'n Hoff - Everswinkels Mitmach-Museum 48351 Everswinkel
Doppelschlossanlage Harkotten 48336 Sassenberg
Marienkapelle Gröblingen 48336 Sassenberg
Skulptur Adam & Eva 48336 Sassenberg
Haus Schücking 48336 Sassenberg
Georg-Lechner-Biermuseum in der Pott's Brauerei 59302 Oelde
Vier-Jahreszeiten-Park 59302 Oelde
Kindermuseum KLIPP KLAPP 59302 Oelde
Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck 59302 Oelde
Rückkämper Kapelle 59320 Ennigerloh
Windmühle Ennigerloh 59320 Ennigerloh
Haus Diek 59320 Ennigerloh
Schloss Vornholz   59320 Ennigerloh
Haus Borg 48317 Drensteinfurt
Haus Vorhelm mit Wassermühle 59227 Ahlen
Kunstmuseum Ahlen 59227 Ahlen
Zeche Westfalen mit historischer Zechensiedlung 59227 Ahlen
Moschee 59227 Ahlen
Aktivpark Phoenix 59269 Beckum
Zementmuseum Köttings Mühle 59269 Beckum
Wasserschloss Crassenstein 59329 Wadersloh
Museum Abtei Lisborn 59329 Wadersloh
Sinnespark Liesborn 59329 Wadersloh
Schloss Hovestadt   59510 Lippetal
Stadtmuseum Münster 48143 Münster
Paulus Dom 48143 Münster
GOP-Varieté – Theater 48143 Münster
Wochenmarkt 48143 Münster
Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso 48143 Münster
Botanischer Garten der WWU – Münster 48149 Münster
Aasee 48149 Münster
Mühlenhof - Freilichtmuseum 48149 Münster
Stadthafen 48155 Münster
LWL-Museum 48161 Münster
Allwetter-Zoo 48161 Münster